Each post has 5 tags. But I want to display only 1 tag and every time it must be a random tag.

Can you please tell me how I can do it?


Someone already asked this question and can be found here: [https://stackoverflow.com/questions/17321603/how-to-display-a-list-of-random-tags-in-wordpress/22323541]Duplicate issue is resolved[1]

  • It's a list of all tags (tag cloud), but I need to display 1 random pot tag in the post. – Seryozha Mar 31 at 9:02
  • function jr_get_tags_but_exclude() { $alltags = get_tags( $args ); shuffle($alltags); $count=0; if ($alltags) { foreach($alltags as $tag) { $count++; echo '<a href="'.get_tag_link($tag->term_id).'">'.$tag->name.'</a>'; if( $count >0 ) break; } } } – PVee Marketing Mar 31 at 16:50

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