I´m making a plugin on a website. For some reasons, I got a 500 INternal Server Error. This website use the plugin wordfence and that´s really complicate to see what is happening. What I could test and know :

  1. The problem is inside my plugin

I´m sure is link to my plugin because if I rename this plugin folder, the admin dashboard comes back.

  1. Server log show me this a problem inside the header

AH02429: Response header name 'Cache-Control ' contains invalid characters, aborting request, referer: https://mywebsite.test.com/wp-admin

  1. The code which makes only a conflict for the administration side when I´m logged in

  2. Debug.log - everything is all right before admin_init hook

The last log I can show in debug.log is a function called by the admin_init hook.

I spent hours to try to find the cause without success. I tried to add my email as administrative website email to receive errors messages but any email was sent.

I´m a bit lost.

What is the best way to debug for this kind of situation ? Someone has got an idea ?

  • You already know the problem is in your plugin, so try searching for code which sets the Cache-Control header and ensure it doesn't output any invalid characters. And, "a function called by the admin_init hook" - what function? – Sally CJ Mar 25 at 2:32

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