I am currently developing my first WordPress plugin and am currently a bit confused on how to change a record in a database.

So far I have solved it using the $wpdb::update() function:

public function toggle_status() {
    global $wpdb;
    $id = (int) $_POST["id"];
    $active = (int) $_POST["active"];
    $tablename = $wpdb->prefix . 'myplugin_table';
    $wpdb->update($tablename, array("active" => $active), array("id" => $id)); // Update record

Now I have learned that the way I change the database is not safe regarding SQL injection. I should rather use the $wpml::prepare() function:

$wpdb->query($wpdb->prepare("UPDATE $tablename SET active = '%s' WHERE id = '%d'", array($active, $id)));

Is the $wpdb::update() function really not safe?

According to the documentation, this is not necessary for the $wpdb functions: "$data should be unescaped (the function will escape them for you). Keys are columns, Values are values." (https://codex.wordpress.org/Data_Validation#Database).


Now I have learned that the way I change the database is not safe regarding SQL injection.

So I wonder where/how did you learn that?

And other than that you should check if those two POST variables are actually set, your toggle_status() code looks fine to me, and $wpdb->update() is an easy way to update a record in the database in WordPress, so you should just use that function instead of having to use the "long" version: $wpdb->query( $wpdb->prepare( "UPDATE ...", ... ) ).

And actually, if you were to use that version, then the correct syntax is:

    $wpdb->prepare( "UPDATE $tablename SET active = %s WHERE id = %d", $active, $id )

I.e. Do not wrap the query value placeholders in quotes, e.g. just %s and not '%s', and for each placeholder, pass its replacement value as a direct parameter for $wpdb->prepare() and not as part of the array like you did in your code.

And yes, with $wpdb->update(), you should pass the raw data and not escaped ones, e.g. pass "foo" as-is and not escaped like \"foo\". Otherwise, the function would double-escape that escaped value as \\\"foo\\\"...

  • I had contact with the WordPress plugin team and they wrote: "And this: $status = $wpdb->update($tablename, array("active" => $active), array("id" => $id)); needs to use prepare(). You should use update AND prepare: $wpdb->update( $wpdb->prepare( .... ) )". – Jonas Mar 23 at 1:41
  • 1
    That's why I'm so confused. Also, according to the documentation, the $wpdb->update($wpdb->prepare(...)) function shouldn't work at all. – Jonas Mar 23 at 1:43
  • In that case, then I would ask for their clarification on how exactly should I use $wpdb->prepare() with that $wpdb->update(). Or ask them, "can't I just use $wpdb->update() and the documentation says the data should be NOT escaped?".. You can also send them to this very page, if you want to.. – Sally CJ Mar 23 at 1:53

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