is there a way how can I hide/remove components panel?

There is one panel created by plugin GhostKit and I need to remove it, because it's not working properly and our users try to use it and it cause a lot of problems... it's Animate On Scroll panel

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Ok, nevermind, I found solution I've tried removeFilter( 'editor.BlockEdit', 'ghostkit/sr/additional-attributes' ); but it was not working inside my plugin, but it worked in console, so then I found out, that I need to hook this to something, so this is working solution

addAction( 'plugins.pluginRegistered', 'kubiq/remove-ghostkit-animations', function( settings, name ){
    if( name == 'ghostkit' ){
        removeFilter( 'editor.BlockEdit', 'ghostkit/sr/additional-attributes' );

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