Background: I am currently expanding a plugin that is used only over the Network in Multisite mode. We have a network of sites in different languages, they are not the translated versions of the main site but are entirely different sites. This plugin manages certain integrations between all these sites i.e. manages a few common points so it's controlled by the network administrator only.

Requirement: What I intend to create is a page in this plugin, which allows the network admin to save variations of a keyword or sentence for each site. So if there are 4 sites, one in english, next in spanish, in portuguese and one in italian, then the admin would perhaps click a plus button on this page somewhere, a new line would appear which would take the source sentence/keyword in english and then the variations for each site for that specific keyword/sentence. The network admin should be able to add as many keyword/sentences and their variations and i should be able to play around with this information later on. So it would be like a 1 to n interface where the source would be used to later fetch the 'n' variations by site ids.

I have an idea about how I am going to distribute and save this information in the WP database once collected, but I can't seem to find a solution or even a direction on how to build the front end for this. Any help in this regard would be greatly appreciated.

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