I couldn't really find the best solution for my problem - maybe I'm missing the forest through the trees. I developed a plugin that displays a html sign-up form for a newsletter. The collected info is encoded and sent to a custom CRM via API via wp_remote_post. All is hooked to the template_redirect.

To make it user friendly I'd like to redirect to a custom page after submission is done, calling the visitor by his name and thanking them for signing up.

I want this 'thank you' page following the theme anyone having the plugin is currently using and also send a customized welcome message. What would be best practice? Thank you in advance!

  • I think your best bet would be to use AJAX to just remove the form and display the success/thank you message directly on the same page rather than getting into redirecting. – Tony Djukic Mar 15 at 18:10
  • There's no code in your question to work with, can you include the code? Keep in mind this isn't a discussion form, you need to be able to mark an answer as not just the best response, but as the canonical answer, written using facts, for all users who might ever have this question – Tom J Nowell Mar 15 at 18:30

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