i need your help guys

i want to show this linkedin information from my user management. But i dont know how to show it cause i dont know why this form is there, i mean so many form url profile there. This form appear when i log in to wp-admin production website

enter image description here

when i am going to wp-admin local, i didnt see the same form contact information like production wp-admin. enter image description here

i dont know why this happen, so i ask to you guys. So the question are:

  1. How do i add the same form from production wp-admin to local wp-admin? is there any plugin can do that? if there is any plugin that u guys suggest to use, i will check the plugin 1st in my CMS that plugin already installed or not
  2. How do i display the specific url profile to my website?

I hope you will understand what im saying right now. im Indonesian, so if there is Indonesian dev see this thread and know how to solve it, please speak in bahasa indonesia, so i can be clearly know the solutions. other than that, everbody can answer the solution, and i will appreciate it.

I think thats all, i hope you will understand. Thank you for the attention

Bahasa Indonesia Version:

Dalam informasi kontak user wordpress terdapat beberapa form url profile, dan salah satunya adalah Linkedin. Bagaimana saya dapat menampilkan informasi url tersebut di dalam website saya?

Kemudian, bagaimana bisa ada banyak pilihan form di production wp-admin, sementara di local wp-admin tidak ada pilihan form tersebut. Bagaimana cara memunculkan form yang sama di local dan bagimana cara menampilkan informasi form tersebut di website saya?

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