I'm just an amateur with basic coding knowledge but not within Wordpress. What I am after is a way to have a user upload a file, thru an Upload page, where he can add description, categories and tags with the file being uploaded. I then would like to be able to list those files for visitors to download according their search criteria based on those categories and tags, or have different listings filtered with these categories and tags.

As mentioned, i am an amateur so I use Elementor as my site builder to design my site. Ideally, if their is a plugin or two that would allow me to implement those upload/download features, that would be great. I'd be willing to do some programming as long as I have some ressources to fallback to to help me with it.

I should mention, this will be a free service for a community so no money can be involved.

Thanks in advance for any advice/suggestions/recommendations.

  • What you're looking at appears to be a lot of custom functionality... and your question is really broad and has multiple layers of answers and that's not really how WPSE works. You can definitely do this and you can probably use Elementor for the form to get the files uploaded, but from there you'll have to scour for alternative solutions. My advice would be to tackle this step by step avoid third party plugins if you can, and ask specific technical questions when you get stuck. Mar 9 at 3:01

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