I found a plugin that allows me to display BuddyPress Xprofile fields anywhere on my website using a shortcode. It works great, except when the field has multiple values. Instead of the values, it displays the word "array".

I would like the code to display a list of all items that are part of that Xprofile field.

As an extra bonus, I would like the ability to use CSS to modify each item from the list. If each item had a class name added to it I think that would help out. Not sure if there's a better alternative to doing this. Maybe just output the items as a list and I can tap into the "li" class?

Any idea on how to edit this code to do this? I tried but my PHP coding skills are not up to the challenge :(

Here is the code:

    add_action('bp_init', 'td_bpxps_init');
function td_bpxps_init() {
    add_shortcode('xprofile', 'td_bpxps_xprofile_shortcode');

function td_bpxps_xprofile_shortcode($attributes) {
    if(empty($attributes['field'])) return false;
    $user_id = (isset($user)) ? $user : false;
    global $bp;

    if (!empty($user_id) && intval($user_id)===0) {
        // shortcode-defined username
        $user_id = get_user_by( 'slug', $user_id);
    if ((isset($user) && $user=='displayed') ||
        (empty($user_id) && isset($bp->displayed_user->id))) { 
        // On profile page, show the displayed user's information
        $user_id = $bp->displayed_user->id;

    global $post;
    if ((isset($user) && $user=='author') ||
        (empty($user_id) && !empty($post->post_author))) {
        // On author or single post page, show the author's information
        $user_id = $post->post_author;
    if ((isset($user) && $user=='current') ||
        (empty($user_id) && is_user_logged_in())) {
        // Show the currently logged in user's information
        $user_id = get_current_user_id();
    if (empty($user_id)) return false;

    return xprofile_get_field_data($field, $user_id);


Author: Tyler Digital http://tylerdigital.com/ Released under the GPL license

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