I have a custom theme I am working on developing. I'm creating a simple contact form, but for some reason the theme isn't showing the visual editor for the wp_editor. I have tested multiple themes (ones that came with WordPress, and ones I developed), and it works fine with all of those except the new one I am working on. I've compared the themes, and I can't see anything that would block it. I have also tried multiple browsers and multiple computers with the same result.

Here is the code to display the wp_editor:

$content = '';
$editor_id = 'message';
$settings = array(
    'textarea_name' => 'message',
    'textarea_rows' => 10,
    'media_buttons' => false,
    'tinymce' => array(
        'menubar' => '',
        'toolbar1' => 'bold,italic,underline,separator,alignleft,aligncenter,alignright,separator,link,unlink,undo,redo',
        'toolbar2' => '',
        'toolbar3' => '',
    'quicktags' => false,

wp_editor( $content, $editor_id, $settings );

If I inspect the element in the theme that isn't working, I get the following:

<div id="wp-message-editor-container" class="wp-editor-container">
  <textarea class="wp-editor-area" rows="10" autocomplete="off" cols="40" name="message" id="message"></textarea>

But if I inspect the element in a different theme, I get a lot more code. I can paste that if needed, but it's a lot longer.

Any help or advice is appreciated.

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