I have a database that is current living in a CSV file in my local machine.

That database contains around one million entries. An entry looks like the following:

John   Smith     London, UK       23/10/1985      url.com/js123   images.com/js123 

What is the best way to serve this database in a searchable format to users? I want users to be able to search all those records, while being able to filter by any of the fields. For now all I'm looking is the ability to display the results without allowing the users to do anything else.

Right now, I am using Searchable Pro but I'm looking something that can scale better - I am a software engineer but haven't used Wordpress before. If I created something custom I'd probably go for an SQL database that has an API in front that is hit by the front-end, but I assume Wordpress offers some of that functionality out-of-the-box.

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    ElasticPress/ElasticSearch but you still have to integrate this with WP first... ...my suggestion would be to add the CSV as a custom table in WP. Put your SE skills to work and build a custom plugin for this. – Tony Djukic Feb 21 at 5:24

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