Dynamically added controls/settings refreshing the customizer preview.

Here is the JS:

api.bind('ready', function () {
            // Create theme options panel.
                new api.Panel('my_rrp_panel', {
                    title: 'RRP Options',

            // Add section.
                new api.Section('my_rrp_section', {
                    title: 'Example Section',
                    panel: 'my_rrp_panel',
                    customizeAction: 'Customizing ▸ RRP Options'

            var setting = new api.Setting( 'my_rrp_setting', true, {transport: 'postMessage'} );
            api.add( setting );

            // Add checkbox control.
                new api.Control('my_rrp_control', {
                    setting: 'my_rrp_setting',
                    type: 'checkbox',
                    section: 'my_rrp_section',
                    label: 'Check this box to do something.'

Have added filter as well customize_dynamic_setting_args to identify and to update from the server.

Have added partial refresh on customizer_register hook,

        'selector'            => '.rrp-content',
        'container_inclusive' => false,
        'render_callback'     => 'RRP_CLASS::render_partial_rrp_content',

Do I need to dynamically add partials as well? When added

var setting = new api.Setting( 'my_rrp_setting', true, {transport: 'postMessage'} );

It does nothing! Anything missing from my end?

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