my website home page working perfectly fine all links are clickable and opening, but when I open any menu or category page I’m not able to click and open the post. However, If I right-click and open the post in a new tab or window, it is opening perfectly fine. If I open customize preview mode then also all links are working fine. Does anyone know what is the issue here and how can I fix it?

The page I need help with: https://cominggames.com/category/best-and-worst/


It seems that one of your plugins has js that disabled the links. Please turn off your plugins one by one and then check.

  • I deactivated all plugins but still not working...any other solution you can suggest... – Manoj Chauhan Feb 20 at 11:54
  • Now I am seeing links are working fine. Please let me know have you fixed the issue? – Mohsin Ghouri Feb 21 at 16:48

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