There is a following code in one of the installed plugins:

wp_enqueue_script( 'google-recaptcha',
            'render' => $service->get_sitekey(),

This code produces the following URL for script downloading:


I need to inject a locale component into this URL to make it look like


I'm already wrote a function to get required locale part, but I don't know how to modify an URL for enqueued script (of course I don't want to touch the plugin source code). The only thing came to my mind is to look at the wp_scripts object and somehow modify it before the scripts enqueue task take place. Is there a better way to do this? Some hook I'm not aware of or something?

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You can use the script_loader_src function to filter the URLs of scripts before they are output in a <script> tag. I'd suggest something like this:

    function( $src, $handle ) {
        // Only filter the specific script we want.
        if ( 'google-recaptcha' === $handle ) {
            // Add the argument to the exisitng URL.
            $src = add_query_arg( 'hl', '<locale>', $src );

        // Return the filtered URL.
        return $src;
    10, // Default priority.
    2 // IMPORTANT. Needs to match the number of accepted arguments.

Just replace '<locale>' with whichever locale you need, or a variable containing it.

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