I want to prevent that users can login the different subsites.

for example:

  • user1 can login site1 but not site2

I found out that this is possible when using the wordpres login, but when user1 uses the my account login from woocommerce to login site2 user1 is automaticly created in site2 with default role customer.

I have tried several plugins to block this but none is working.

  • members
  • profile builder
  • Peter's redirect

Ideal is that I can prevent the user to be automaticly created in site2

So what I want to achieve is seperate user database for each subsite.

I am aware there is an older topic with the same problem. That still doesn't prevent from the user to be created in the other site.

  • If you don't want to share a users table then you probably want separate installations and not a multisite. But it ought to be possible to not register users as customers on all sites by default, although I guess you'd then need a way to register an other-site user on a new site which I'm not sure exists, as the accounts would necessarily have to share the same password, name, address etc. – Rup Feb 16 at 12:46

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