I have a WordPress site and I upload a lot of pdf and videos use embedding techniques but now my website speed is very low. so i want to increase the page speed now, I am going to delete all the iframe from my website and want to replace them with responsive iframe, but I don't know how to use embedding. currently, i embedded all pdf using google drive embedding. should I stop embedding??


I would suggest you to load PDFs & videos on your page after the page is completely loaded via AJAX. You can also use a logic in which only after the page loads completely, load the PDFs & videos on mouse move and while the page loading is in progress show a loader in place of PDFs & videos.

I have used this technique at many places and it works like a charm. Hope this helps you.

  • can you suggest me how to do it in my wordpress i need to install plugin or any script can guide me Feb 13 at 11:08
  • @FahadsmileAcademyPakistan You would need to code it in PHP and JS.
    – SagarG
    Feb 15 at 14:12

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