Is there a hook to keep scripts that are included with widgets, persistent during the admin-ajax.php process?

I use jQuery show() to open an element within a widget and the element should remain closed until clicked, and that works as expected. However when the widget is saved and WP is doing ajax at admin-ajax.php, the the function fails and opens without any interaction. If the page is reloaded, the function returns to normal.

The function is running from a file myscript.js and loaded in admin_enqueue_scripts action.


<span class="button handle">View Details</span>
<div class="element">this is detail</div>

I suspect the widget is then at admin-ajax.php and the JS is not detected.

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After deep meditation and a meeting with dally the llama (maybe it was an alpaca, I was quite high), I've defined a solution.

Use the widget-updated var to reload the JS function on widget save.

$(document).on('widget-updated', function(event, widget) {

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