I have API URL where I have access key and token along with JSON format. Now I need help as to how to integrate it. My clients need his form leads directly into his API.

Below is the code with the external API URL provided which I have not mentioned.

Content-Type application/json
Authorization Bearer <<access token>>

  "firstName": "Gamut",
  "lastName": "QA",
  "email": "demo@gmail.com",
  "mobilePhone": "9999999999",
  "leadDate": "15/11/2020 10:54",
  "comments": "Lead Comes From External API Mean 99 Acre,Magic Bricks and Facebook and Many More.",
  "originFrom": "",
  "product": "",
  "campaign": "",
  "isUpdatefromUIDate": false,
  "isImported": true,
  "ExternalId": "202011161"

So how do I used this JSON data and API to send the existing form data to the client external URL? Any help is appreciated

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