Let's consider this code:

add_filter('the_title', static function ($title) {
    return $title. '-boom';

Works fine, and adds '-boom' near all the titles.

But, I also noticed that in some themes (Twenty Twenty, Twenty One and most likely many others) if a post contains the <!--more--> tag, this also affect the "continue reading" button, see image attached

enter image description here

As you can see the span class "screen reader text" is also affected. Since I want to add some html close to the_title, this breaks the layout.

How to solve?


Ok, I found a solution.

I've found the filter excerpt_more that is used to show the string shown within the more link (if theme use standard WP functions).

So, to achieve this, we need to hook the excerpt_more and use a lower priority of the one used by the theme.

In my example, this

add_filter('the_title', static function ($title) {
    return $title. '-boom';

adds -boom string in both text and excpert, and this

add_filter('excerpt_more', function ($more_link_element) {
    $more_link_element = str_replace('-boom', '', $more_link_element);
    return $more_link_element;

removes it from the excpert

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