I applied a filter to remove theme styles and javascript in function.php, but I want this to happen only if the url not ends with /amp/

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What is amp? Is it tag or category or page? You should use standard wordpress functions like is_page() is_category() is_tag().

You can also use $wp->request. It will return the request URI. If the address is "http://example.com/slug1/slug2" it will return slug1/slug2 then use explode() function to split it.

<?php  $uri =  $wp->request; 
$slugs = explode("/",$uri);//variable $slugs will have array of slugs 

//$slugs[count($slugs)-1] will return last slug
if($slugs[count($slugs)-1] != "amp") {
//Apply your filter filter here

Remember $wp is a global variable so if you want to use it inside a function the must use the keyword global before it.

  • Thanks for helping, i will use this code inside function.php, my code in function.php function disable_scripts_styles() { wp_dequeue_style('publisher'); wp_dequeue_style('better-framework-main-fonts'); } add_action('wp_enqueue_scripts', 'disable_scripts_styles', 100); and the url is sitename.com/article/amp so i dont apply this function if the url has amp Feb 8, 2021 at 9:57

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