I need to change the capability required for an added admin menu page. By default the plugin added the capability manage_options which I need to change. How can I change this without editing the plugin file?

  • Even if there is a hook for that, I'd guess you'd need to change the permission check on the page it links to which I doubt you could do with a hook. – Rup Feb 4 at 10:28

The functioning of the code below depends a lot on how the plugin in question was built.

add_action( 'admin_menu', 'change_capability' );

function change_capability() {



  • Is that the only way, to remove the menu option and re-add it? How does that put the replacement menu option back in the same place? – Rup Feb 4 at 23:23
  • add_menu_page function has a parameter called $position. It determines the page position on menu. So to put it in the same place you need to know the position number in the original declaration. – Talita Mota Feb 5 at 12:25

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