I want to create a custom wordpress template product page using PHP. I don't want to override the default product page, but I want to register my custom template page as a product page. I have created a PHP template page that after doing some processing comes up with a list of product IDs that it wants to display (this processing doesn't have to do with wordpress so I don't use WP_Query to retrieve those IDs). Then, I am using the woocommerce [product] shortcode to display those IDs. The probelm is that if I save this page with a slug of www.website.com/my-custom-page, then the URL www.website.com/my-custom-page works, but the url www.website.com/my-custom-page/?post_type=product yields error 404. The reason I want the second URL to work is because my filters only work when the URL parameter post_type=product is present.

So, does anybody know how I can register my page (or my template) as a wordpress product page? So that the second URL does not give error 404?

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