I'm having a problem with my rss feed.

Validator.w3.org is not accepting it, saying not well-formed (invalid token) on line 1.

It seems that the name of the website appearing between <?xml ?> and <rss> might be causing the problem.

Column 54 is the end of the site name.

enter image description here

I cannot find where i can remove it... Any idea ?

Thank you


You have additional code active there add this string inside the feed and destroy the XML markup. The hook on this place is rss_tag_pre (see https://github.com/WordPress/WordPress/blob/b3b8942dfcb451eddb5559b63c1043fce5d9449e/wp-includes/feed-rss2.php#L21).

Deactivate all plugins, use a default Theme, and then, step by step, activate it again to identify the source for this problem. Alternative search about the wp-content directory for the hook rss_tag_pre.

Also, make sure there is no custom RSS feed in place in your functions.php.

  • No files refer to rss_tag_pre in the wp-content... I have even commented the do_action( 'rss_tag_pre', 'rss2' ); in wp-includes with no effect... – jDelforge Feb 3 at 20:52
  • Have you tried to deactivate all plugins, the theme - to identify sure, that is not a problem from addons? – bueltge Feb 4 at 8:35
  • I found the problem. My mistake. There was a custom rss feed on the website that wasn't supposed to be there. So I removed it and it was fine. But still, no trace of outputing any blog name. I don't like this type of ghosting system. Thanx for the support. Not sure i should leave the question then. What do you think ? – jDelforge Feb 4 at 20:05
  • Ok I've just added "make sure there is no custom rss feed in place in your function.php". – jDelforge Feb 5 at 0:13
  • 1
    However, the functions.php is a part of the Theme. If you test with a default Theme you should remove this error. – bueltge Feb 5 at 13:27

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