As the title says.

I would like to recreate a Wordpress.org website I have, as a HTML coded site. Would like to export wordpress comments and import them to my new, non-wordpress site. Would be great if I an also include the names of the commenters.

Thank you

  • How are you exporting the actual posts? Yes, they're all there in the database in the wp_comments table, with per-comment data in wp_commentmeta. You can also use the per-post comment RSS feed, which you'll find in meta tags in the HTML for each post page. – Rup Jan 26 at 9:11
  • The actual posts, I won' t be exporting. I want to recreate the website off wordpress, so I can just copy the text and re-add the images. For the comments, how does that work, do I copy and paste the comments to where I want? What will happen to the commenter avatar/name etc? – I have many questions Jan 27 at 10:10
  • Does the new site have a comment system, i.e. you want to put all of the comments into a different database? You can copy the data from WordPress's wp_comments and wp_commentmeta tables. By default Avatars will just be using Gravatar which is based on the md5sum of the commenter's email address, so all you need is the email address, unless you have a membership plugin or similar that's changed that. – Rup Jan 27 at 10:16
  • But if you just want to copy and paste you probably want to copy and paste the HTML from your existing site's comment sections. If you want different HTML it might be easiest to edit the comment template on your site or a copy of the site and then copy the HTML from that. But then your new site won't support adding more comments. – Rup Jan 27 at 10:18
  • @Rup, I want to create a new version of my website, outside of Wordpress, using HTML only because I don't like wordpress anymore. I'd like to copy the comments to the new, non-wordpress site, AND allow new comments, AND keep the gravatar/email addresses of the original commenters. – I have many questions Jan 28 at 9:42

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