I am running a WP CLI script to regenerate images,
seq 192000 194000 | xargs wp media regenerate —only-missing

and i got errors, example:
Warning: Can’t find “margot-fox-pope-francis-post” (ID 204823).

there is anyway to save logs, so i can know which media file is not generated?

I tried this ssh command

seq 192000 194000 | xargs wp media regenerate —only-missing | tee -a /home/site/public_html/export.txt

but this command save only the success IDs, i need to log the failed ID
do you have any advice ?

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When you are ready to start recording a log file, type:

script screen.log

Now, until you stop the script, all input and output in the Terminal will be stored in screen.log. When you are done, just type:


Source: Ubuntu Guide - How To Log Terminal Commands

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