Just updated AIOSEO to 4.0.12 and i'm having page title issues.

Specifically, each site page title consists of the title I've specified in that page's AIOSEO admin screen, PLUS (incorrectly), the native WP site title/tagline originally entered in Settings/General. Here's the page in question:

Jacob's Cleaning

The correct page title should be:

"Jacob Environmentally Friendly House Cleaning - Carpet Cleaning - Window Cleaning | San Francisco & Oakland East Bay"


"Jacob's House Cleaning | Non-Toxic, Environmentally Friendly Carpet Cleaning & Window Cleaning"

appended to the above is the native site title/tagline, and it shouldn't be there.

Thoughts? Thx!

  • You have to ask All In One SEO's development/support team about this. Third Party plugins are technically off topic. Jan 22 at 1:00

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