Is it possible to link to the first element of a lightbox-group with data-rel attribute from the WP-Menu? I've tried serveral things (JinMenu Plugin, onclick function) but I failed. Do you have any clues for me? Maybe with Javascript? Or Plugin?

The links are formatted like this:

<a id="nomestart" class="mobx" href="http://www.testurl.at/testbild.jpg" data-rel="nomegroup"><img class="alignnone wp-image-1829" src="http://www.testurl.at/testbild.jpg"/></a>

Regards, David

  • Everything is possible if you're willing to put in the time. My immediate thought would be to do this with javascript/jquery. Basically you'd want to append your navigation/menu <ul> with a link to the first item in the lightbox group by targeting it's data-rel attribute, then probably write a script to launch the lightbox? Is that what you want? Jan 6 at 2:57
  • Thanks Tony Djukic, yes - i would like to launch the lightbox with target on the data-rel attribute, but without showing a picture twice in the group. there is a existing picture-group on the site-body and i would like to open the the first image of it, like i would click on it but from another clickable link in the menu. do you think that`s possible? i red a lot about onclick function, but maybe i put the script it not on the right place. Heres a link to the site: [link]herwig-steiner1956l.at/…
    – David Kurz
    Jan 17 at 10:18

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