I am developing a plugin that has listing items. I've created a shortcode that lists all the items, but it has a categories dropdown. On dropdown change it should load a new page with only the specific category items. Now the issue is that I want those URLs to be SEO friendly. currently the shortcode is pasted into a WP page, and for example that page link is example.com/items, this link should provide all the items. Now lets say i change the dropdown option and the page reloads, so instead of the url turning into example.com/items?category_id=15 I want it to be example.com/items/item-category, keep in mind that I am using a shortcode, so it should be dynamic, meaning in whatever page the user pastes the shortcode the categories should be appended to the page url.

How can I achieve this? Most other topics tackle this issue only with static pages, so they do not really help my case.


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