I am trying to figure this out for weeks now. I added some custom endpoints to my woocommerce my-account page. All but one are linked with a shortcode and work fine. One should link to a normal wordpress page, showing it within the my-account page. I don't know how to program php and all it does for now is opening that page on a otherwise empty screen, not within the my-account page.

That's the code I came up with, but the part within the {} must be wrong (as it opens to https://new.holistic-horse-training.com/forum-links):

add_action( 'woocommerce_account_foren_endpoint', 'foren_content' );

function foren_content() {
    return $url = 'https://new.holistic-horse-training.com/konto/forum-links/';

Could please somebody tell me the correct code for showing that page in the window of my account? Here is a screenshot of the problem: https://new.holistic-horse-training.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/12/content-in-my-account-window-scaled.jpg

Thanks in advance!


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Check this one:

How to add a new endpoint in woocommerce


In your callback function include your extended template page because output is expected.


function foren_content() {

Then inside custom-page.php call the desired content with get_post(ID) or if you have your endpoint registerd in woocommerce settings call it by slug.

The whole process of adding new endpoints is explained in this article with a great example using a class.


Personally i would use the class shown in the article because it executes all necessary procedures and you have all the code in one place. I could elaborate on this here but is already explained in posted article.

Depends on the approach and version of woocommerce. The easiest way is to continue current approach. I think your question is a matter of stackoverflow. :)

Hope it helps. Regards

  • Thank you Roman, this is the link I followed and came as far as I did. But I could not find an example of calling a page via its URL and I really, really was searching the www.
    – PascaleK
    Dec 29, 2020 at 18:52

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