I'm using woocommerce to display products and their variations. I have a variation called 'Size' for all of the products. Some of the variations are out of stock, but these are still showing in the select dropdown. See the attached image:

Stock options dropdown - size variation

How do I remove or blank out a variation from being selected if a variation is 'Out of Stock'? I've tried using 'Hide Out of Stock' in the WooCommerce settings though this made no difference.

  • Are you using a child-theme? If so, you might try overriding the related template, and filter out the values in "the loop".
    – deronimo
    Dec 27, 2020 at 20:41

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Initially. It should be said that WooCommerce is considered a plugin and therefore your question could probably be flagged as 'Off-topic'. This (however) is such a bullshit and self-deprecating for this StackExchange, so I'll answer it anyway. :-)

But next time you have a WooCommerce-question, you should ask it on StackOverflow (apparantly).

My first thought is that you could have 'Backorders' enabled on your variations. Either that or that you have stock enabled on either the variation-level and/or your product, and that somehow makes it possible for customers to buy something that is out of stock.

If this isn't the answer, then perhaps try to add a screenshot of one of the problematic variations and also the 'Inventory'-tab of the product.

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