I've created the custom post type (CPT) called 'projects':

$post_type_args = array(
            'has_archive'          => true,
            'rewrite'              => array(
                // 'slug'       => '', // Defaults to $post_type key
                // 'with_front' => true, // Default true
                // 'feeds' => 'true', // Default has_archive value
                // 'pages' => true, // Default true
                // 'ep_mask' => EP_PERMALINK,

register_post_type( 'projects', $post_type_args );

And I would like the use a conditional tag only for the front page of the CPT. In my case is the page with the slug /projects.

I can use $_SERVER array like this:

if ( $_SERVER['REQUEST_URI'] == "/projects/" ) { //... }

But is there something like is_shop() conditional tag in WooCommerce for this case?

Thank you in advance.


there is an is_post_type_archive() function https://developer.wordpress.org/reference/functions/is_post_type_archive/ that will tell you if you are on the https://example.com/projects/ page.

In your case you would need to use it like this

is_post_type_archive( "projects" );

since "projects" is your custom post type name.


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