Good day. I need help with the header of the site I'm recreating. I want these two headers to be sticky with the logo shrink. But I only managed to make the bottom header to work. The first section even if I set the position to sticky it will not work. The second section has position sticky on it and it is working perfectly along with the Shrink Logo. I just need the two of the headers to stick on top of the website. Thank you.

This is the only code I placed in the section.

/*-- New class when sticky is turned on 'elementor-sticky-effects' -*/
/*-- give the logo image a class called 'sticky-logo'  --*/

.elementor-sticky--effects .sticky-logo img {
    width: 120px!important;/*-- edit the pixels to change to desired shrinking size --*/

.sticky-logo img {
    transition: .2s all ease-in-out;

@media screen and (max-width: 767px) {
    .elementor-sticky--effects .sticky-logo img {
    width: 90px!important;/*-- edit the pixels to change to desired shrinking size for mobile --*/

enter image description here

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