I'm looking to sanitize admin form input for update_option. The input is for a directory path and file name. The input will look like this:




So far, every sanitize I've tried strips out the forward slashes. Any suggestions?


The function that you would want to use is sanitize_text_field() which among other things, strips all HTML tags, and remove line breaks, tabs and extra white space.

// This worked fine for me - I got /directory/subdirectory/
$value = sanitize_text_field( '/directory/subdirectory/' );

// And so does this one - I got /thisfile.min.js
$value = sanitize_text_field( '/thisfile.min.js' );

// Even with an actual form input (e.g. <input name="my_field">),
// the function worked just fine (using the same data as above).
$value = sanitize_text_field( $_POST['my_field'] );

So have you already tried that function and are you sure it stripped the /? How about the other similar functions listed here?

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    Thanks. Knew about sanitize_text_field but I was so focused on the fact this was being stored as an option that it never popped into my head. I was going through various sanitize_option and failing to find one that worked and actually sanitized.
    – uPrompt
    Nov 28 '20 at 17:19

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