I have just over 8k products listed on my wordpress site using WooCommerce.

Some product links work fine, vast majority for some reason have an unwanted space and - though ( -) resulting in 404, when i edit the link to remove these 2 characters the link becomes functional again.

The link appears like this inside wordpress editor-

www.mydomain.com/product/ -randomproduct

On the frontend, the link appears as this:


I'm wondering if theres a way for me to bulk edit all the bad links to remove the 2 problem characters and fix my links.

Thanks for any help received.

  • Welcome to the portal Ali22 ! :)
    – jgangso
    Nov 19 '20 at 8:15

You can check how the site_url is stored in the wp_options table - make sure there is not a space after the url.

  • Thanks for the reply, i checked and theres no space after the url. I would say this doesnt effect all my products, just the vast majority. Hope i dont have to manually correct all the links
    – Ali22
    Nov 16 '20 at 22:17
  • You might try to add a filter to the url - developer.wordpress.org/reference/hooks/post_type_link - this will enable you to debug the string being used and to replace spaces with nothing - for exampling using str_replace
    – Q Studio
    Nov 17 '20 at 7:52

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