I want to hide the login message that shows up on the Wordpress login form after a user has logged out. Added screenshot of the message that I am trying to hide.


Wordpress Version 5.4.2

Wordpres theme: Oceanwp 1.8.9

I have used the below mentioned code in the functions.php file of my theme.

add_filter( 'wp_login_errors', 'my_logout_message' );

function my_logout_message( $errors ){

    if ( isset( $errors->errors['loggedout'] ) ){
        return null;

    return $errors;

Error Recieved:

I have provided the screen shot of the error that I have recieved.


Also, the login form isn't visible after user logout.

  • What's the reason behind this? Can you provide some context?
    – Tom J Nowell
    Sep 24, 2020 at 21:32

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The cause of your error is that the filter receives and is expected to return a WP_Error object, null is not an error object.

We can confirm this via the docs, and enforce it via type hinting:

function my_logout_message( \WP_Error $error ) : \WP_Error {

Additionally, if your code had worked, all errors would be eliminated, not just the logout message. There would be no way to tell a user their password was incorrect, that a password reset email or a confirmation email was on its way, etc

With this in mind, the WP_Error say there is a remove method, so we can remove the loggedout error if it's present:

$error->remove( 'loggedout' );

I do not recommend this though

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