The goal is after people paid (PayPal or Stripe), they land on a download page.

You upload the file to /uploads for example. You can deny access to the dir with .htaccess.

I suppose if I then create a link /uploads/product, that a client can download it.

But that link can now be shared all over the internet.

What would be the best way to go about it?

I want to code it myself in PHP & JS if required.


Rough idea:

  • create a temporary download file. Use a random file name.
  • create a program that will download the file. The program should delete the temporary download after a click on the download file link by the client
  • send the download page (not the download file) link to the user, with a parameter that is the download file.

You could put some 'downloaded ok?' location on the download page, then delete the temp file afterwards.

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  • Would it make things easier if the client had a WordPress user account? – progonkpa Sep 24 at 10:39
  • Don't think that would make a difference. Assuming that the person completed the 'order' process, then the above psuedocode would work just fine. Only the person would get the link (after order payment/whatever), and it's a unique link - once someone used the link to get the file, the unique file (related to the link) is deleted. Anyone else with the link wouldn't get the file - you deleted it. – Rick Hellewell Sep 24 at 19:34

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