I'm working on setting up an import using WP All Import, the idea is to update/add/remove posts within a custom post type which contain ACF fields.

The CSV we are importing contains a column called "Feed ID" which holds data like Apple12343, Banana98799, Carrot2198379, Onion1287361 and so on.

What I want to achieve is to populate an ACF select box value that has options like 'Fruit' and 'Vegetable', depending on the Feed ID value, using XPath. So essentially I need some sort of function that will take the first part of the feed ID (letters only), then assign the select box value based on that. Is this doable?

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Looks like you can use the Variable Repeater Mode (CSV) to import your data:

If your repeating data is stored in a single column in your CSV file, and is separated by a separator character, use this option.

Then create a custom PHP function that would break up each value into the title and ID (Apple => 12343, etc.) and call your function from the text box:


As for the last part of actually creating a select box from titles and IDs - I don't know how to do that. Hopefully someone can build on this answer. Also please share if you figured it out.

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