I need to show the product custom field in admin Orders page when a customer makes a purchase. Appreciate if anyone can help. :) I've already written some code and it works fine except the refunded orders.

My code is

// Add custom column headers:
add_action('woocommerce_admin_order_item_headers', 'my_woocommerce_admin_order_item_header');
function my_woocommerce_admin_order_item_header() {
    // set the column name
    $new_column_name = 'Location';

    // display the column name
    echo '<th>' . $new_column_name . '</th>';

// Add custom column values here
add_action('woocommerce_admin_order_item_values', 'my_woocommerce_admin_order_item_value', 10, 3);
function my_woocommerce_admin_order_item_value($_product, $product, $item, $item_id = null) {
    // get the post meta value from the associated product
    $value = get_post_meta($product['product_id'], 'item_notes', true);
    $value1 = get_post_meta($_product->post->ID, 'custom_field', 1);
    echo '<td>' . $value .'<br>'. $value1 .'</td>';

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