I am adding an Editor Role in WordPress which I want to have full access to the media files I being the administrator have uploaded. However, when I log in with the Editor's credentials (as an Editor), I cannot see any of the media files I previously uploaded as the administrator.

I have even tried adding the following code in a PHP file in the mu-plugins folder of the site, and added the capability in "User Role Editor", but it still did not work.

This file allows the site Editor to access all of the main media libraries 

 add_filter('ure_attachments_show_full_list', 'show_full_list_of_attachments', 10, 1);
function show_full_list_of_attachments($show_all) {
   return true;

I even added the code to the functions.php file in the theme's folder, and that did not work either.

  • The Editor role should have access to all media by default. You said you're adding an Editor role? Is this a custom role? – Jacob Peattie Sep 12 '20 at 5:07

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