I don't know where else to turn...I've followed every guide I can find on this, but I can't seem to get wordpress actually working on my new site.

  • I created my main site (site1.com)
  • Edited wp-config.php to allow multisite, then configured the proper settings in wp-admin and again in wp-config.php and .htaccess
  • Added a new site as a directory (site1.com/site2)
  • Edited site2 URL to point to site2.com instead of the directory

When I visit site2.com, I just get the "index of /" page instead of seeing anything wordpress related. If I switch the URL back to site1.com/site2 I can see it works as it should within wordpress, but how can I actually get site2.com to show wordpress?

Do I need wordpress installed on site2.com separately first or do I need to update the domain itself in cPanel to point to site1.com/site2?


See my answer and comments here How to install WordPress Multisite with different domains under the same subdirectory? .

Multisite is one WP install, with extra tables added for each sub-site. Once you set up a subsite, then you can access with www.example.com/site1 . Log into admin on the main site, then go into Network Admin. From that admin screen, edit sites to change the URL of sub-sites. The URL can be www.example.com/site1 or www.newexample.com .

I have sometimes needed to edit all the options via the Network Admin, Sites, Editor to fix URLs. But that's where you edit settings on sub-sites - without having to directly mess with the database.

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