By default the tag-cloud block in the (Gutenberg) block-editor renders a root element as follows:

<p class="wp-block-tag-cloud">...</p>

This is the corresponding code what is renders the block: https://github.com/WordPress/WordPress/blob/master/wp-includes/blocks/tag-cloud.php#L44

Filtering with pre_render_block doesn't work.

Any idea how to filter this root element of this block?

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Figured it out myself after all.

Instead of using the pre_render_block filter, use the render_block filter to do something like this:

add_filter('render_block', function($html, $block) {
    if ($block['blockName'] !== 'core/tag-cloud') {
        return $html;

    $ps = iterator_to_array($doc->getElementsByTagName('p'));
    $p = empty($ps) ? new \DOMElement('p') : current($ps);

    return replaceChild($doc, $p, 'div', ['class' => 'tags'])->saveHTML();
}, 10, 2);

function replaceChild(\DOMDocument $doc, \DOMElement $target, string $tag, array $attrs = []) {
    $replacement = $doc->createElement($tag);

    if (!empty($attrs)) {
        foreach ($attrs as $key => $value) {
            $replacement->setAttribute($key, $value);

    if ($target->hasChildNodes()) {
        $children = iterator_to_array($target->childNodes);
        foreach ($children as $child) {

    $target->parentNode->replaceChild($replacement, $target);

    return $doc;

This should yield something like <div class="tags">...</div>.

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