i am working on a job-portal site and i am little stuck into one situation . I uploaded a child theme and activated it. The child theme is activated successfully but it dosent show changes that i do in child theme....for example :- i want to do changes in resume.php file and its path is wp-content/themes/workscout/inc/resume.php ;;;; so insted of directly do changes in core files i decided to do changes in theme file so i did this wp-content/themes/workscout-child/inc/resume.php and i did changes in resume.php file...........but the changes of child theme were now showing up..... if i do changes in main core files then the changes will show, but if i do in child theme then i dosent work.

Things i did to fix the error but didnt worked:- (1). Reactivated child theme multiple times. (2). Deleted browser and plugin cache. (3). Updated permalinks.

Any help will be greatly appreciated. THANKS

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Try to delete all files of child theme and upload again fresh file(Upload from cpanel directly) and activate the child theme i hope it will be helpful for you as we had thanks.

  • i tried this also Commented Sep 8, 2020 at 7:46

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