We frequently (almost always) use images and HTML links in our blog posts. When I go to Mysite.com/blog or click individually on any of the posts, all the images and links work correctly.

If I click on a tag, so that I can see all my posts about kittens (I wish, just an example), the page it takes me to (Mysite.com/tag/kittens) displays the text of my posts but all images are removed and links don't work. It also forces me to click "Continue Reading" to see the full story, which it doesn't do on the blog page.

Is there any way i can make the tag page work the same as the blog page? I can live with the "Continue Reading" link being required but not having images or links makes this view pretty worthless.

I am on the hosted Personal plan so there may be some things I can't do, if this is one of them please let me know. Unfortunately the organization I'm working on this site for doesn't have a bigger budget for the next tier plan but at least I can stop looking into this if that's the case.

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