I want this url: =>

to be rewritten as =>

I want the users to access mydomain.com/chambers/chant instead of mydomain.com/genre/chant.

genre is a custom taxonomy for custom post type tracks. This custom taxonomy is registered in the theme. I want to change its slug from genre to chambers in my plugin. How do I do it?

I tried the below rewrite url code, but it did not work:


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Try using the below code to overwrite arguments of already registered taxonomies.

function wp_modify_taxonomy() {

    // get the arguments of the already-registered taxonomy
    $custom_category_args = get_taxonomy( 'genre' );

    // make changes to the args
    $custom_category_args->rewrite['slug'] = 'chambers';
    $custom_category_args->rewrite['with_front'] = false;

    // re-register the taxonomy
    register_taxonomy( 'genre', 'chambers', (array) $custom_category_args );
add_action( 'init', 'wp_modify_taxonomy', 11 );

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