I want to know custom page template name (the one chosen in page attributes - template) in PHP, before page opens in order to enqueue additional scripts according to chosen template. I know how to get this information in javascript admin frontend part, however it would be more convenient if I could get it in PHP.

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You can use this code once set page template for specific post. If the template isn't set, you cant enqueue your script.

if ( $post->_wp_page_template === 'sky-template.php' ) {

Remember to replace sky-template.php with your template file name.


You can get some help from this question. _wp_page_template to dynamically use template

  • Thank you for effort. However, $post is not available outside the loop. I wrote I want to know the value of template in admin screen, while editing page. Suppose template is already set and we are now editing page which was created earlier.
    – Lovor
    Sep 4, 2020 at 21:35

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