Here's my scenario:

I'm working on a website, I have access to the dashboard on WordPress BUT:

  1. I can't install plugins.
  2. I don't have access to all the folders except for wp-content.
  3. I don't have access to the Cpanel/filezilla

I'm able to work on the website and copy the database, but I don't have access to the default image folder, UPLOAD but in order to recreate the structure of the website, I should paste and copy ALL the pages, then extract the images, then create other folder and, at the end of the day, place the images files there and then I could be ok.

I'm wondering if it is possible to do it differently..

Like a chrome extension, some WordPress native function, so anything else.. from outside that website because I'm recreating the website locally.

Any suggestion or hint would be appreciated!


You don't mention what your user privileges are - are you an admin, editor, author, etc? An admin-level should be able to install plugins via Plugins, Add New.

Most new-to-WP people don't realize that access to the folder structure (via cPanel or FTP) is not needed to admin the site. Any installation of themes/plugins is done via admin access, at the admin-rolelevel. Any adding of images to the uploads folder is done via the admin panel Media entry, or when adding/editing a post/page (assuming you have privs/ro;e to do that).

If your user is an admin-level role, then you should be able to add plugins (via Plugins, Add New), or add media (via Media page, or when adding/editing a page/post). If you aren't an admin-level role (which is different than logging into the admin panel), then your capabilities are limited.

To understand roles and privileges, see https://wordpress.org/support/article/roles-and-capabilities/ .

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