I use wp_date() function to convert and show dates with hours and minutes.

wp_date( 'Y/m/d - H:m:s',1598205923, 'Asia/Tehran' )

My problem is it shows Y/m/d correct. the hour is ok. but it shows m:s with a difference of about thirty minutes!!!

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Try this. It works

wp_date( 'Y/m/d - h:i:s', 1598205923, new DateTimeZone('Asia/Tehran') )

  • Can you tell me why your code works? whats the deference?
    – D.JCode
    Aug 23, 2020 at 20:47
  • 1
    Because you wrote H:m:s and 'Asia/Tehran'. I changed to these h:i:s and new DateTimeZone('Asia/Tehran')
    – Sobir
    Aug 23, 2020 at 20:50
  • I know. I get it. I thought m means minutes. but it means month. Thankyou man.
    – D.JCode
    Aug 23, 2020 at 20:55
  • I'm glad it helped
    – Sobir
    Aug 23, 2020 at 20:59

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