my site went down for 1hr. and after then continuously. So I asked my hosting what the problem is with my website. they say I am in under brute force attack. told me to hire someone.

I Limit Login Attempts by using a WordPress plugin. I want to know what other solutions I need to do

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To prevent brute force attacks, there are some security measures you need to implement on your site

  1. Prevent the discovery of usernames
  2. Limit login attempts
  3. Change the default login page URL
  4. Implement two-factor authentication
  5. Implement HTTP authentication
  6. Use a firewall
  7. Implement Geoblocking

If you use a username and password that’s long and unique, it will be difficult for hackers bots to guess your credentials. dont use Admin as a User name (password - Tfs7H2B9$J#d)

Prevent Discovery of Username

  • Change Display Name
  • Use Plugin to Prevent Rest API From Displaying Usernames

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Change Default Login Page URL

  • Install and activate WPS Hide Login on your WordPress website
  • set the new login URL - example.com/wp.dd-login

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Implement HTTP authentication. (Best and Final One)

  • You can add another layer of protection on your WordPress login page through HTTP authentication

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  • When you open a login page of a website with HTTP authentication installed, a sign-in box appears on the top of the page asking for your credentials.
  • Without these credentials no one can access the login page.
  • Install and activate HTTP Auth wordpress plugin on your WordPress website.
  • On your WordPress dashboard, you should be able to see the HTTP Auth option on the left side of the screen. Select HTTP Auth > Settings.
  • Choose a Username and Password and Save it.

All Images Credits and Content Credits goes to Prevent WordPress Brute Force Attacks

  • I did everything you said. Let's see what happens. Thank you very much. Aug 23, 2020 at 14:09

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