I have a multisite and I am running woocommerce in it.My primary site is a selection site where the user has to select his particular zone after clicking or choosing the button he will be redirected to the site he needed.But the problem here is each time he type my domain address he goes to the primary site.Is there any way to automatically redirect him to the specific site based on his previous selection. For Eg; I have 3 sites in my network Primary,A and Z Now the primary site is the main url www.url.com Site A is url.com/A and Site Z is url.com/Z. My customer visits to the primary site and he is asked to choose one site between A or Z.and he choose the Site A and he moves to the A.And next time he type www.url.com normally he goes to the url.com but I need he to go to the url.com/A based on his previous selection.

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