maybe you can help me (this is my first request so please be kind :) ). I use Ultimate Member and want a function to display the Posts of the current clicked User. For example the same as on Instagram or any other Social Media website. Example: I go through my post comments and see a Comment from another User, now I click on the User and get to his profile with his personal data. Their I want to see the Posts that the User has published. I dont really know what to do I am searching for hours now to get a solution. But the only thing that I constantly get is a way to show only my Posts and not the Posts of another User on their Profile.

One maybe good Solution: In ultimate member you can activate "Post tab", where it shows you all I would need. But i cant do any changes on the Design or on the location where its displayed. If you know how to Display the "Post-Tab" differently for example through an Shortcode that would be the fastest and best solution. Thank you for your help and sorry for my bad english :)

BR Luca

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